Colombia’s version of 60 Minutes (Los Informantes) featured the foundation and our founder, Marina Orth.


Our Mission

We are creating a model education that can be replicated through public/private partnerships so that economically deprived students in Colombia and elsewhere, no matter their race, gender or background, can compete globally.




Our Model

We emphasize programs in technology, language and leadership. Our goal is to have gainfully employed and fully prepared graduates at the forefront of a new vibrant economy.




Support Us

We are currently working with over 3,200 students at five Medellin-Antioquia-area schools thanks to the generous support of people like you. You can get involved as a friend, sponsor, or partner.






We emphasize English language skills, the use of computers for everyday tasks, we use one laptop per child from pre-k-5 grade. We also teach Robotics and how to grow Organic School gardens.


CAMINO DE PAZ – CAICEDO SCHOOL Serving 460 students and 20 teachers.

EL PROGRESO SCHOOL Serving 1.200 students and 35 teachers.